Retail Security including Gun Shops and Pawn shops

If you have ever experienced a Burglary, you are well aware of the cost and loss to your business and not to mention the incredible stress and fear that accompany such an event. Conventional alarms & CCTV systems used today are informative ONLY and DO NOT STOP THEFT and by the time Security or Police arrive the thieves are long gone as well as your property. Gates and fortified doors only provide a minimal level of protection as burglars use trucks (usually stolen) and other heavy equipment that can easily breech them. Studies also indicate that business down time for repairs, higher (or cancelled) insurance coverage and employee well being are also adversely affected by this criminal activity. Proven and documented results have shown that when a SmokeCloak® Instant Protection System is installed in the premises, instances of theft have been reduced to virtually ZERO. Within seconds of a break-in, the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog which provides an effective security barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises empty handed.


Pharmacy Security

Burglaries and robberies represent a significant expense to pharmacies in the United states and Canada and are a very attractive target primarily due to the presence of Schedule II narcotics.


Beyond direct insurance costs, which are driven by loss experience, pharmacists experience financial, business interruption and psychological costs. Beyond what is covered by insurance, customers pay deductibles that can easily be exceeded as a result of criminal efforts to gain entrance. SmokeCloak DNA can be easily placed near the safe area where drugs, customer information and cash are stored and provide the immediate protection that drives the intruders from the store and DNA marks them in the process. It can also be safely used to enhance protection during business hours.

Jewelry Store Security

With extremely high value stock clearly on display in the windows, a huge amount is at stake for jewelers and their businesses. Security is therefore very important, and jewelers have always taken the threat of robbery and break-ins very seriously. This creates a need to constantly strive to improve security measures. Many jewelry stores in North America have both DVR surveillance and elaborate alarm systems installed that can help after the occurrence. These current methods are not an effective deterrent and there is a URGENT need to do something to protect the staff from armed robbery. The critical issues for these stores with high-value stock are ensuring that intruders leave the premises immediately, without taking or damaging stock, and ensuring that staff are safe and secure if the robbery occurs during open hours. This is accomplished by taking away the intruders’ ability to see the stock in a matter of seconds. The application of a dense field of fog, aimed directionally, means that the intruders still have a corridor by which to leave the premises — an important issue for the safety of the staff and to limit damage. In addition to automatic activation with a break-in for after hours, SmokeCloak can be activated manually with a hold-up button, which can also be radio operated.

Office Security

Thousands of companies have now stopped their losses with SmokeCloak Instant Protection, saving them millions of dollars and providing peace of mind. Smoke & Screen Security Systems is the importer and distributor of computer controlled equipment for providing Instant Protection in the case of a break-in. Extremely powerful artificial security fog generators sold under the SmokeCloak brand are constructed to work seamlessly together with existing alarm installations, providing physical protection at the moment of attack, with a no contamination money back guarantee.

Warehouse Security

SmokeCloak® has considerable experience with instant intrusion prevention solutions for warehouse security where the major requirement is securing the premises outside of working hours. Despite the best efforts of the police and security companies, the remote location of many large warehouses means that response times are too long for conventional electronic and physical security. Traditional warehouse security solutions usually involve three approaches to intrusion prevention
1. Firstly, an alarm system alerts the police or the security company, in the event of a break-in. This however has the risk of a long response time.
2. Secondly, a CCTV system can record the break-in. However, if the intruders wear masks, identification is very difficult.
3. Thirdly, a grille or other physical barrier can be used, but once the intruders have gained entry, these are superfluous.
4. SmokeCloak® offers a fourth alternative, supplementing these three options.
SmokeCloak® from MSS Professional surpasses conventional warehouse security solutions by taking away the intruders’ ability to see the valuables in a matter of seconds. Specially designed SmokeCloak® units with fan assistance are capable of filling many thousands of cubic feet of warehouse space with dense fog within seconds, while additional ensure local protection around doors and other points of entry. When used together with a powerful strobe light from MSS Professional, conditions quickly become untenable for intruders.