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SmokeCloak is looking for a limited number of security companies to deliver this exciting product line to key markets in North America.

SmokeCloak DNA security products protect your clients’ premises in those critical minutes (7 minutes, on average) before authorities arrive by filling an area with a harmless dense vapor that drives thieves from the premises and deposits a unique, durable DNA marker on skin, clothing and stolen items. This provides the ultimate protection and will differentiate your firm by providing a truly unique and safe system that “protects the gap”. This gap in time provides the opportunity for thieves to steal what they can with little chance of being caught. SmokeCloak DNA changes this and your company can be at the forefront of this security revolution!

You can help solve this critical problem that is plaguing retail and commercial marketplaces. SmokeCloak DNA recently won Popular Sciences’ “Best of What’s New” award in security because of this innovative approach.





Advantages of becoming a SmokeCloak DNA dealer:

  • You can gain a competitive advantage and new business by showing your customers a unique and cost effective solution that gives them 100% protection.
  • You will be introducing your customers to the only fog security machine in the world that ships standard with a forensic DNA mark that’s unique to each location.
  • SmokeCloak offers a complete lineup of products that protect the smallest retail footprint to large warehouses.
  • We’ll protect your customer via a registration process and are willing to discuss exclusive territories with the right partner.
  • You’ll have password protected access to our web site which has a comprehensive product tutorial that will make you proficient to install and support SmokeCloak in very little time.
  • SmokeCloak DNA allows you to increase your renewable revenue with installation, maintenance and fluid sales. And we often see existing customers add units to enhance coverage with their current configuration or in new locations.
  • “SmokeCloak Easy,” the latest addition to the family is also available as a low cost demo unit. There is no better way to introduce this product to your customers than by performing a short demo so they can see the effectiveness and quality of the product. Click here to learn more about this program…

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