Open Letter to Customers and Dealers

“They thought they’d run out with a load of stolen property, instead they just ran out. And marked with a DNA code for 100% positive ID.”


Popular Science called it ‘Best’ new product in Security


Introducing SmokeCloak/DNA


A special message from Kevin Paul, President,

I am reaching out to you in a way that I usually do not, because I am so proud of this new security product. You may know that for 20 years the original, classic SmokeCloak fog generators have been the security system of choice for high-security locations. You may know that SmokeCloak integrates with your alarm system and actually makes your alarm twice as effective. (We call it a “force multiplier” for alarms.).

A new game changing ingredient

You may not know that a new version contains a high-tech, game-changing ingredient. Below, I’ll tell you about this ingredient. And, even with this and other high-tech improvements, the new version is available at a stunning low price. The thing is, SmokeCloak is not just nice to have. Let me explain why you need this system.

Works in seconds

On average, police are on the scene of a burglary in seven minutes after an alarm, and in many cases it’s much longer than that. Most product loss occurs in the first few minutes of a break-in. SmokeCloak fog generators work in seconds, filling spaces large and small with a thick immobilizing fog. An alarm system can automatically set it off. So thieves don’t have that minutes-long window. Disoriented, they can’t see past their own hand, and quickly leave the premises. Just as importantly, 20 years of experience shows, they don’t come back. (Compare this to almost 40% of non-residential robbery and burglary cases, where thieves do return, a phenomenon called repeat victimization.)

Smoked out and Tagged with DNA

There’s something else we’ve added after extensive testing, an ingredient that changes everything. Introducing our newest product, SmokeCloak Easy, which comes standard in North America with DNA markers. Would-be thieves are repelled and they are marked indelibly with a location-specific DNA code. No ski mask can fool this marker: in law enforcement, DNA has been the gold standard of positive ID in crimes for decades. The result? If caught, criminals are linked solidly to the crime. Even if not caught they are at great risk. Something your signage will make very clear. The greatest probability: they won’t risk breaking into your location in the first place.

Today, sadly, only 13% of non-residential burglaries are solved in the United States. The stats are similar for Europe. We think that stat is about to change.

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