SmokeCloak Vali/DNA

Since the introduction of SmokeCloak® as the world’s first commercial security fog generator in the early nineties, technologies have become more sophisticated and the requirements of the security world have continuously increased and become more complicated. And more importantly, traditional security systems don’t provide complete protection against violent smash and grabs that are plaguing the commercial marketplace. Extensive feedback from the industry has been incorporated in the completely redesigned, innovative and exciting new SmokeCloak® products forming the new VALI range.

VALI is not only about high performance, with brand new features such as USB interface and fluid refill system the product line is user friendly and very well designed. The range also features a brand new modern look and housing, which also allows for easy installation, service and maintenance. All this new technology is well protected in a compact and sturdy casing.

DNA fluid is the most exciting development since the conception of security fog. Now SmokeCloak can not only protect your valuables it can also mark them and the thieves with a site specific forensic DNA, adding an extra deterrent to any would be intruders that they can be linked to the site without any doubt proving their guilt. Because the plant based DNA is emitted in the cloud of fog it is distributed over a much wider area than traditional DNA spray systems that only cover and entry/exit doorway. SmokeCloak is the only fog security company able to offer this fog based DNA marking solution for your premises. The installation is very simple and does not require any special tools.


Dimensions17.24" x 13.39" x 6.9"17.24" x 13.39" x 6.9"19.21" x 13.39" x 6.9"
Weight (install)25.7 lbs25.7lbs31 lbs
Weight (hanging)44 lbs44 lbs51 lbs
Fluid1.7 litre fluid refill system1.7 litre fluid refill system1.7 litre fluid refill system
Standby consumption78W85W105W
Output780 Sq. ft. in 30 seconds*1430 Sq. ft. in 30 seconds *2188 Sq. ft. in 30 seconds*

*Full protection numbers are based on an 10 foot ceiling height



Product features

•very high output of dense white fog for maximum protection • fluid refill system • air flush system • improved cosmetic design • USB interface for upload/ download of information and log-file • built-in battery back-up • patented automatic smoke density control • heavy duty sabotage resistant case • audible tone status signal • internal system status LED indicators • built-in self-diagnostics • electronic fluid measurement system • harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects • non pressurised heating based system • power saving mode • SAI system (Service Active Input) for easy system maintenance • output signals for communication with existent alarm system • input signals for controlling the SmokeCloak from existing alarm system Installation • installation, service and maintenance friendly • integrated mounting bracket for easy wall installation • horizontal, vertical and ceiling mounting option • seamless integration with all existing alarm systems

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