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There isn’t another security product that has proven to be more effective and safe than SmokeCloak over the past few years and the media has taken notice. The inclusion of a forensic DNA marker to the system has added even more value and Popular Science awarded SmokeCloak DNA its prestigious “Best of What’s New” award for Innovation in Security. Take a look at the videos as they tell the best story about how SmokeCloak DNA can be the most important part of your security strategy protecting life and property like no other product.


This is a first person account from a pharmacy owner in Toronto where SmokeCloak prevented a burglary recently. What’s interesting about this is that the perpetrator smashed the front door and waited around for almost 2 hours and saw that the police didn’t respond to the break in, then he casually walked in thinking he was safe to steal what he could. Then the unit was triggered by a motion sensor and he quickly fled empty handed.

“I was awoken by the monitoring company at 4:45 AM. Having encountered false alarms in the past for our pharmacy, I checked my camera remotely and saw that there had indeed been a break-in into the store. Upon arriving at the scene within twenty minutes, I walked through a broken glass lobby door. As the smoke from the device was dissipating, I viewed the two pertinent recordings on our camera (front and rear) that showed a masked perpetrator calmly strolling through the door he had smashed with a sledge hammer, then abruptly turning around and running out the moment the SmokeCloak deployed as he crossed the path of the motion detector.
Having installed the device in 2007 following two break-ins a week apart, this was the first time that an actual break-in took place since its installation. While you can’t stop a smash and grab, in my opinion, the perpetrator escaped quickly, not wanting to find out what might be the effect of the device. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

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